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Lily Quinn
"Pick a mate or I'll do it for you."
Unwilling to sacrifice her dreams of loving the man she commits her life to, Lily makes a drastic decision and disappeared into the night. For six years her life was untouched by her old pack, but all of that changed when he walked into Gathering Grounds, the coffee book shop she worked at.

Declan Monroe
He wasn't looking for a mate. He'd lived a hard life, there was blood on his hands, no woman would be able to handle the darkness that tainted his soul. When his Alpha hires him to track down his missing daughter he thought finding her in New Orleans would be the hard part. He had no idea she would be the woman who could bring him to his knees.


You can get Wild Lilies: Book One of the NOLA Shifters Series from Amazon at: http://bit.ly/WildLiliesAmazon


Emelise Rousseau
Life taught Emelise that you cannot trust a man to be there when you need him. After losing her mother, Emelise moves to New Orleans with high hopes.  Just when she thinks are going smoothly, fate steps in and her world is turned upside down.


Caine Bordeaux
Caine became Alpha of the Black Water Pard at the age of twenty two. After a failed relationship with a human, he'd resigned himself to the life of a bachelor. Little did he know his world was going to be rocked by a woman who proved that dynamite comes in small packages.

You can get Scarlet Roses: Book Two of the NOLA Shifters Series from Amazon at: http://amzn.to/ScarletRosesAmazon


Kylie Bishop

After five years of abuse, Kylie decided she'd had enough. She fled in the middle of the night with no destination in mind. Her only thought was to put as much distance between her and her hometown in Maine as she possibly could. She wasn't looking for a relationship, when she stepped off the Greyhound bus in New Orleans, because experience taught her that men acted one way in public, but in private they were a completely different person. She thought she was safe. She should have known better.

Remy Delacroix

His life was going great. Delacroix Carpentry and Architectural Design had just won a lucrative job with a resort hotel that would finally put on the Go-To list for the wealthy elite. He was his Alpha's right hand man. He should have been happy. Should have, but wasn't. After watching those closest to him find their mates, Remy was beginning to think he would never be so lucky. Fate had different plans. One look into Kylie's brown eyes and he was lost. But her past wasn't ready to let her go. When it catches up to her, will he be enough to help her through it?

Casey Owens


After a night of partying, Casey had to grow up fast. At a time when most fifteen year old girls were worrying about what they wanted to wear to the next dance, she was worrying about how she was going to finish school while raising a child. The whispers, the dirty looks, and having to see the boy who raped her every time she went into town, turned her into a recluse. When her old Pack Mate, Lily Quinn, reaches out and offers her a haven in New Orleans, Casey takes it. All she wants to do is raise her son and be happy. She didn't need a man in her life for that, but one look at Nikolai and she started having second thoughts.


Nikolai Romanov

As a Siberian Tiger Shifter unable to return to Russia, where the rest of his species lived, Nikolai had accepted a long time ago that he would never find his mate. While some, like his brother, chose to marry humans, Nikolai chose to remain alone. The moment he catches Casey's scent he is drawn to her. When his eyes lock onto the petite blond, he refuses their bond. She was a wolf; he was a tiger. It wasn't possible. So why, when she leaves New Orleans, does his tiger pine for her as if he'd lost his mate?

Emma Kaine

Strong, independent and successful in her professional life, Emma's personal life is sorely lacking. The one man she's wanted for years seems to not even know she exists. When the unthinkable happens, and her world comes crashing down around her, she learns that things aren't always as they appear, and maybe, just maybe, she really can have everything she wants.


Griffin Frost

At thirty-nine, Griffin has everything he has ever wanted. Everything but one. Her. Emma. From the moment he saw her, he wanted her, but he's kept his distance. Until now. Now, when she needs someone the most, he won't let anyone else be the one to hold her. When cancer threatens to take her from him, will their love be enough to see them through?

Giovani Marchetti

I don't date employees. I don't even sleep with them. That can make things too messy when it all goes south. One look at Carly and my fingers itch to trace every luscious curve of her body. But I have secrets. Secrets that could destroy lives.


Carly Ballentyne

After my son's father was killed I focused on just being a mother. I didn't date. I definitely didn't date my employer. Every time Gio calls me Bella in that sexy, Italian voice, my resolve melts just a little more. Would it really be so wrong to let him make me feel whole again?


All Kaiya wants to do is stay on earth, enjoying all that the human world has to offer her, for as long as she possibly can. As the only child of Lucifer and Lilith, and heir to the throne of Hell, that's not really an option.

When Lucifer informs her it is time to come home, put away childish dreams, and wed a demon she can't stand, Kaiya has a different idea. Instead of marriage, she runs. But there are dangers lurking in the shadows, dangers she has no idea of, until her actions put her in the middle of a brewing war.



As a high ranking demon, and a commander in Lucifer's Army of Shadows, Maddox thrives on being an embodiment of lust. He can make anyone, human or demon, feel lust with just a look Anyone but Kaiya. To say their relationship was volatile would be putting it lightly. The demoness hated him.

So it comes as no surprise to him when, upon learning of their betrothal, she flees Hell. But there is a war brewing, one that could end Lucifer's rule, and Kaiya might be the catalyst to make it happen. Can Maddox save her, and her legacy, or will her stubbornness doom them all?