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Welcome fellow authors!

As an Indie author, I know how difficult it can be to find a reasonably priced proofreader. I've had the same struggle myself. We want our books to shine and when a reader messages us to tell us they found an error, it can be very frustrating.

That is why I have chosen to branch out into the realm of proofreading. After reading several ARC's for fellow authors Maria Luis and Joslyn Westbrook, and providing them with lists of errors I found in their manuscripts,both of these wonderfully talented ladies approached me to proofread for them in a professional capacity. I was honored to do so. After much consideration, I have decided to offer my services to others.

Between covers, editing, advertising, and formatting, we all spend a great deal of money on this passion we all share. If I can alleviate some of that cost by offering my services at a reasonable rate then I feel I will have given back to this wonderful Indie community.

I am a firm believer in complete transparency. As such, I will not ask you to message me for prices. I charge $15.00 per 10k words. I also provide assistance with blurbs as well as formatting. If you're interested, you can reach me by clicking the button below!


"I am so thankful for Angel’s sharp eyes! She finds and points out all of the small errors writers often miss, making helpful edits and suggestions as needed. Angel’s proofreading has helped polish my manuscript and I'm so grateful to her." - Joslyn Westbrook

"I've recently had Angel do my proofreading, and she was Amazing! Not only that she was super fast. She caught a tiny little mistake, my betas and early ARC readers missed. I will definitely be using her again.
If you need someone quick, efficient hire her, she's the best, and her prices...No one can compete!" - Claudia Lymari

"Angel proofread my debut One Last Chance and she did a fantastic job! Her prices are very reasonable and she is very thorough. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a proofreader. Especially a newer author who can't afford the steep prices of some other proofreaders. Thank you again Angel and I can't wait to send you book 2! <3" - Nicole Cook

"Awesome work, always kind and friendly service, and very quick return. I love working with Angel. I will continue to use her for all my proofreading needs. Love it!" - Maureen Shigeno

"I loved working with Horus Proofreading!! She saved my work from total disaster! ♥️ I would recommend Horus all day every day. The formatting was perfect as well. 🥰

Thank you!!! 😍" - Lauren Bruce