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The Devil's Heir

The Devil's Heir eBook.jpg



All Kaiya wants to do is stay on earth, enjoying all that the human world has to offer her, for as long as she possibly can. As the only child of Lucifer and Lilith, and heir to the throne of Hell, that's not really an option.


When Lucifer informs her it is time to come home, put away childish dreams, and wed a demon she can't stand, Kaiya has a different idea. Instead of marriage, she runs. But there are dangers lurking in the shadows, dangers she has no idea of, until her actions put her in the middle of a brewing war.




As a high ranking demon, and a commander in Lucifer's Army of Shadows, Maddox thrives on being an embodiment of lust. He can make anyone, human or demon, feel lust with just a look Anyone but Kaiya. To say their relationship was volatile would be putting it lightly. The demoness hated him.


So it comes as no surprise to him when, upon learning of their betrothal, she flees Hell. But there is a war brewing, one that could end Lucifer's rule, and Kaiya might be the catalyst to make it happen. Can Maddox save her, and her legacy, or will her stubbornness doom them all?